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Word for the Day

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Right Wing Elite Bashing Sarah Pain

The right wing elite are at it again. Bashing Sarah Palin and trying to tell us who we need to nominate. The same tired old pundits who gave us John McCain and lost us the election in 2008, still think that they are qualified to decide for us in 2012.

Listen to what they are saying, "we need a strong, decisive leader on the Republican ticket in 2012. Let's face it, Sarah Palin is not that leader."

Huh? On what facts are they making that conclusion? They go on, "She's fun. Shes's attractive. She's appealing. She's down-home. She's got a populist vibe. She shoots animals. But she is not presidential timber. Not in times like these."

And we should trust their opinion? Why? I repeat, these are the same people who told us we needed John McCain in 2008!!!

I've included the link below. Read it for yourself and make up your own mind. Personally, I think these people have been wrong so often that I wonder why anyone bothers to listen to them.

It's Time To Move Beyond Palin - ConservativeHome's The Republican


  1. It’s time to move beyond Palin? I’ll agree with them after her second term in 2021.