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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Sarah Palin: Courage to Lead

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No one can doubt that Sarah Palin loves life. She lives it with gusto, taking opportunities that many of us would shy away from. She is not afraid to try the things that are dangerous. She gives from her heart and loves with compassion.

 She teaches her children that you must try to succeed and that things aren't going to be handed to you. And that anything worth doing is worth doing well. She doesn't wait for others to tell her when the time is right. She is in charge of her life and yet knows that the one really in control is God. She knows that life brings challenges, and that not all of them are easy. 

 There is another thing that comes to mind when you think of Sarah. The boldness of her actions. She doesn't sit back and let others decide. To quote Star Trek she "boldly goes" forward into the future with determination, fearless in facing whatever adversity comes her way. 

She takes the slings and arrows that are tossed at her and tosses some of them back. While those tossed at her seem to never hit the target, those that she tosses back strike and penetrate, frequently drawing blood on the very ones who were so determined to hurt her.
The main stream media seem determined to make her into a woman who has beauty but no brains, where in reality, they are the ones who wind up looking brainless. One only has to really listen to what she says to find that her depth of intelligence is greater than many of our so-called "smartest people in the room".

 When Sarah said that we should wait and see on Egypt, our current leaders were giving out so many different answers, we didn't know which one to pick and believe in.  Sarah said that she hoped that they had more information than we had, they proved that they didn't by saying that they found out how things were going by watching CNN. Who was really the clueless ones?

And how can anyone deny that she has an excellent sense of timing. While everyone was talking about CPAC and what was going on there, and why didn't she go, or what was this going to cost her, she tops the news again. Her Pac announces that they have hired a chief of staff, Micheal Glassner. Suddenly, she is the main topic of conversation again, with will she, or won't she, and should she or she shouldn't.

 They say that the biggest part of getting elected is how you get the spotlight and the media attention. Can any one deny that Sarah Palin is better at that than any one else out there.When Sarah Tweets, people listen!!!!!

No one can deny that she loves this country, she does everything that she can to go out of her way to both support the men and women who are fighting for our freedom as well as doing everything that she can to make sure that we retain the freedoms that this country was founded upon.

More than anyone one else out there that is thinking of running for President in 2012, Sarah Palin has shown that she has the determination to restore this country to the greatness that we deserve. She has shown that she has the courage to withstand the downright evil that has been through at her the past three years.

 She has been through the fire and been tempered like steel to withstand the next two years until the election and hopefully to serve as the next President of the United States of America.We could ask for no one better to run this country!!! Sarah Palin, we salute you and say Please Run!!!

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